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Products and Services

Pressure Integrity Ltd specialize in the supply, maintenance, repair and testing of gate valves and Xmas tree assemblies, in sizes ranging from 2-1/16" 3,000 PSI to 7-1/16" 5,000 PSI and beyond. We have extensive experience of valves from all the major manufacturers, including Anson, Cameron, McEvoy, WKM, Gray, FMC and many others. We can also supply, maintain and repair chokes, choke manifolds and many other types of flow control equipment.

With our small but experienced team of field service technicians, we are also leaders in the procurement, assembly and installation of wellheads for the onshore drilling and production industry.

We offer an inspection, test and inventory management service for oilfield equipment.  This consists of thread inspection, general integrity inspection, pressure testing and maintenance for flanged adapters, risers/lubricators, crossovers, test subs and lifting equipment.

Of course, you may have your own contracts in place for equipment and services, but nowhere to carry out essential work. You may have a need for storage of expensive or delicate equipment. We can offer a secure, fully equipped workshop/warehouse with 24 hour access and full Broadband service.